UPDATED May 28, 2020


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Our Response to COVID-19

Pure Awesome Dog Training LLC 
DBA TDS Canine Solutions in Lewisville, TX

Transforming Lives, One Dog At A Time


M-F 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Days, 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.  Evenings 

Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

We are open! To protect our clients and our trainers, we have implemented the following training options:

In-Home Training

Zoom Meeting Remote Training

In- Home Training:

  • Trainers will wear masks and gloves
  • Social Distancing of at least 6 feet. If we need to demonstrate with your dog we will call him/her to us.
  • Equipment will be sanitized between clients.
  • PayPal payments will be made with clients swiping their card on trainer's device. 


Zoom Meeting Remote Training:

  • Payment due via PayPal or Venmo before start of meeting.
  • Trainers will invite client to Zoom  Meeting upon receipt of payment.
  • Client will log into zoom meeting at appointment time.
  • If necessary, Zoom Meeting Training can transition to In-Home Training.
  • Curriculum will be emailed to client at completion of the Zoom Meeting.

Please be patient with us! We're in the trial stages of adapting our methods. Our first responsibility is our clients and trainer's safety. Practices will be adapted as circumstances indicate.  We will continue to monitor the CDC recommendations for a safe re-opening of businesses and adjust accordingly.

We look forward to seeing you soon! 

~Teresa Swanbeck

​Owner, TDS Canine Solutions