Teresa Swanbeck is a wife, a mother of two children, and the zookeeper of too many pets, including a two year-old Basenj mix named Egypt, a four  year-old Lhasa+Malti named Snowy, two year old dachsund+ Lab named Buddy and a 9 month-old Catahoula Leopard Dog named Bella Jewel.  Originally from Stillwater, Oklahoma, and an alumnus of the University of Oklahoma with an MA in Journalism, Teresa has allowed her life to go to the dogs, and admits she is much happier! When she is not working with dogs, or spending time with her family, Teresa enjoys loom knitting and movies.

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​Egypt is a 2 year-old Basenji/Terrier mix who loves to play fetch. He sings whenever he hears a siren!

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