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DBA TDS Canine Solutions in Lewisville, TX

"Teresa at Pure Awesome Dog Training LLC is wonderful.  We needed a place for Ranger to kennel as we were headed out on a spur of the moment vacation.  Ranger is a farm dog,  we live in the country and he spends his days chasing cows and barking at the nearby trains.  Teresa brought Ranger into her household with her 2 dogs and cats. Within about 15 minutes Ranger was accepted into the pack. Within 2 days,  she had Ranger leash trained to the point where her 8 year-old daughter could easily manage him on a walk.  Training has really stuck because yesterday I took Ranger for a walk down a country road and he ‘asked’ for his leash, that I had simply been carrying but not put on.  That was pretty awesome!"

                                                                       ---------- A.W., Sanger, Texas

"I had a great experience with Teresa. She came to help us with our newly rescued dog who had issues with dog-to-dog aggression and pulling hard on the leash when walking. Teresa observed him carefully both in the home and when out walking. She made several recommendations for how to work with him, and took the time to work with us until we were comfortable following the routine. Her observations and explanations of dog behavior were clear and helped us understand why our dog acted the way he did. Teresa has been available for follow-up questions and training as needed. I highly recommend her to help with any dog training or behavior problems you might have."

_______ K.M., Corinth, Texas

Dexter is a one year-old Blue Heeler/Pitt Bull mix who loves to play ball and chase squirrels. He was adopted from the City of Lewisville Animal Shelter.


W-Th 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Saturdays 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. 

"FYI for all my pet loving friends. Teresa is great with animals and a wonderful resource for those involved with shelter pets and pet rescue. Please help spread the word!!​"

--------- C.S., Dallas, Texas

Snowy is a 2 year-old Malti-Ahpso who had to learn how to get along in a pack with a well-defined leader. He took advantage of the Boarding With Training Option and instantly made new friends! His training was successful as well!

Ranger is a 4 year-old Blue Heeler who loves having a job guarding the farm, long walks with his people, and is a sucker for a belly rub! He is extremely intelligent and quick to learn new things!


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"Teresa is FANTASTIC (with dogs AND their owners!). She is punctual and has a focused, high-energy approach to teaching good behavior FAST. My dogs responded very positively to her both individually and as a pack. She had my Lhasa-Malti doing "sit", "stay" and "down" (laying down) within a few days. The rest will get individual lessons and they're learning from the Lhasa-Malti, too! I'd recommend Pure Awesome Dog in a heartbeat."

​-----M.S., Dallas, Texas

"Teresa's innate acumen with and love for dogs is obvious within moments of meeting her. 
She has proven invaluable to us in working with our rescue puppy, Dexter. Right away, she had a sense of his personality and he was visibly at ease. Her philosophy that it is people who are trained while dogs are rehabilitated makes perfect sense and has made the process of learning to work with Dexter simple and fun.
We would not trust anyone else with our fur baby!"

------- R.C., Lewisville, Texas

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